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Hosting is the space your website and Email Accounts reserve on the server. Every website owner (whatever company you are with) has to pay hosting to secure their space on the server. This is usually charged on a monthly/yearly basis (company specific)

Hosting charges can vary depending on the level of developer interaction you need. If you self manage the website, then the hosting cost is significantly cheaper. However, if you require us to manage the website, then the cost may rise in comparison to your needs of us.


Every website should be developed in a responsive way. This allows for use on smaller devices such as Mobiles & Tablets.

Due to the nature of mobile and tablet popularity, we make sure ALL our websites are optimised to run responsively on all device sizes. 


We optimise every website to be SEO Friendly. We perform On-Site SEO as off-site SEO is outside of our ability due to the nature of privacy and SEO in general. We do however provide documentation and tips on getting a better SEO result off site.

Due to multiple factors within SEO Optimisation, some optimisations we cannot do, such as add your business to listings like YELL or other business platforms. These would require usernames and passwords we should not retain.