Get Facebook Chat Direct On Your Website!

Getting more sales and conversions is vital when online. Targeting the right audience is powerful, but aiming your sights at platforms that hold the key to success is the smartest move you can make!

Facebook has billions of users per day, so what better place to gain more visitors?

With our facebook chat add-on, it links directly to your Facebook page allowing visitors and potential customers, to chat to you directly, via your website.

How does it work?

Well, we simply create a facebook app that allows us to monitor and manage your page, via your website. Don’t worry its completely secure!

This allows your website to communicate with your Facebook page. Allowing website visitors to chat to you, and you get these chats via your normal facebook page!

Cool right? absolutely! So wherever you are, you can talk and up sell to your potential customer, day and night.

Your visitor gets a unique and personalised experience from your website, while all you do is check facebook, as usual! 🙂

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