Why Your Website Is a Vital Key Player

In 2019 where everything and everyone is online, having a website for your business is crucial to its success.

Getting the most out of your website

In 2019 where everything and everyone is online, having a website for your business is crucial to its success. When customers walk in to your premisses or meet you face to face, they see your brand, and your professionalism.

A website should be suited and booted just as you would be meeting new clients. It plays a key roll on greeting your customers online. Statistics show that 75% of customers will search your business online before heading down to your shop, so its vital to capture their interest straight away.

As developers, we find that the majority of clients we work with, have little understanding of the impact a website can have on a business. So it’s our place to inform them and build a website that is vital to its success.

Here is a few key features your website should have upon completion:

  1. Good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), this is what Google use to identify your business online, and serve it to its customers (The Searcher) when they search for a business that fits their needs. There is many features within the umbrella of SEO, take a look at our guide on SEO for more information.
  2. Clean, clear and concise content. Having great content on your website will provide google with the keywords its needs to rank you and provide their searchers with your content. Images are great, but having valuable content is key, and always will be!
  3. Site Speed. This means how long it takes for your website to be shown to the customer, statistically, if its below 3 seconds its great, anything above that, people navigate away from the website and will most likely invest in a company that has a faster website, sadly this is proven!
  4. Create a Buzz on Social Media. Social media is also a vital aspect of being online, sharing your business story and journey compels people to invest and also creates a name they will always remember, should they need services you offer. A great social media presence is 100% vital!

Having a great team of developers and Marketing agents is essential to boosting your revenue online. We take our time with our clients and provide them with valuable content to take away, to help them excel online!

We may not work on your project, but we are always on hand to give sound advice if you are not sure.

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