Game Designer – Exciting profession with a future!

Game Designers

The profession of game designer is in vogue. Especially in the last few years, a lot has happened in this industry. The technical progress has been really enormous. As a game designer, you have various tasks. You don’t just design and develop games, you improve and optimize them, and in the end you make the game descriptions.

What does a game designer do?

A game designer creates animated 3d visualizations. As part of his job, he develops theoretical concepts for games. He designs characters for specific games and their target groups. Choosing the right characters is relevant to the success of a game.

The free-to-play fantasy action role-playing game Path of Exile, for which you can also buy PoE Currency, was developed by game designers. This is more or less the job description that you can imagine.

In this profession, you never stop learning. Technology is fast-moving and you have to keep learning to stay up to date. It is also important to have powerful PC S, especially those with a good graphics card, to be able to perform the necessary work on the computer. Especially the graphics programs and the like need enough power when rendering.

What are the requirements for a game designer?

Basically, you should be over 18 years old and have good computer skills. Furthermore, you should be creative and have a spatial imagination to be able to imagine complex game processes in advance.

What training is available for game designers?

The training to become a game designer basically lasts 3 years. In the 3 years, you get an insight into the theory and practice and the everyday work of game design. You should be aware in advance that as a game designer you spend a lot of time in front of the computer. In order to counteract bad posture and physical problems due to desk work, a sporty balance and exercise are needed as prevention.

What do you learn when you train as a game designer?

During training, for example, you learn how to work with programs for graphic and sound design in the subject Game Art. You learn how to combine image and sound in the best possible way. In multimedia animation and animation design, you learn how to create stories in 3D. Photography and image editing are also part of the training. You learn about the correct image composition and editing techniques of images.

Marketing is also part of the training. After all, the finished game should be marketed properly and become successful. Practical exercises are also part of the training, which are definitely useful for a later professional career.


Artists, perfectionists and trendsetters like to choose the profession of game designer. They can use all their qualities in their professional life and put them to good use. The field of activity is versatile and it is safe to say that you will not get bored.

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