How to get a Business Degree: Different Options

mba vs master

Employees, who want to further their education often times wonder, whether they should opt for a MBA or a Master‘s Degree program. In this text we will explain the main differences of these two options and therefore help you to make an informed decision. Which Business Degree is the best fit for your career aspirations?

What is the difference between the MBA and the Master’s Degree?

When you finally understand what the differences between the MBA VS Master are, it will be much easier to decide, which of these degrees to pursue. Though the Master’s Degree and MBA are equivalent in quality, However, in addition to these similarities, there are also significant differences between a Master’s and an MBA, for example, in terms of content, practical relevance, focus, and associated costs.


A Master’s degree is the second academic degree, which requires an  undergraduate degree. In most cases, this is a Bachelor’s degree. A Bachelor’s degree is a full university degree, but students can continue their studies and then earn a Master’s, as the Bachelor’s degree is the foundation for further academic studies.



The Master of Business Administration, short MBA, is also a postgraduate course for management. Thus you should learn all relevant skills necessary for an executive position in all kinds of jobs.

There are many degree programs in the field of economics. Since economics dominates our everyday lives, there are many degree programs in Germany that shed light on that subject.


mba vs master

Other Options in the Business Sector

Economics are such an important factor in all our lives, hence there are lots of graduate programs for an education in the finance sector:

• Business Psychology
Business Psychology is a part of economic science, that combines Business Economics and Psychology. It focuses on questions of consumer behavior and the buyer decision process. Therefore market research, advertising psychology and human resource management.

• Applied Economics
The second very important area of economic science is applied economics. Other than business economics this concerns the basic problems of society and asks questions about the legitimacy of our economy.

• Engineering Economics

Industrial engineering graduate programs suit those, who want to combine technical aspects and economy.

• Electronical Business

More and more Companies start taking their business online, which is interesting for people studying business informatics. This program has great potential for the future.

• Business Economics

The most popular graduate program in the finance sector is business economics. It concentrates on the structures and methods of businesses.

• International Business

The importance of economic research does not need to be further emphasized!
The international business course ist he best preparation for an international career in the global economy

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